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   Brief History

The people of Joharapuram were baptized in 1928 by Fr. Louis Mayar. The parish was bifurcated from Kurnool Co-cathdral parish in 2000 and given to The Carmilite fathers. The devotion to St. Anthony of padua developed to a great extent in the parish and the feast is celebrated in a very solemn manner on 13th of June every year. A miracle took place in 17th Feb, 2004. the eyes of st. Anthony were opened and looked like human eyes, so many doctors came and checked and concluded that it is true. So the devotees flocked from different places like-Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnadu to the place for the darshan of miracle statue.

The Joharapuram place comes under the Kurnool corporation. The place consists of mostly Muslims, Hindus and Protestants. When the parish was established, there were only a few families and now it is increased in a larges way. Before there were many catholic families but they migrated to different places. The parish is surrounded by Hindus, Muslims and Protestant families. But all these people come every Tuesday to participate in novena of St. Anthony. And also, before they begin any work, they visit the statue of St. Anthony and pray. In spite of all the religions in this parish there are no communal disturbances, and all of them seek the help of St. Anthony.


1) A doctor lost his file which contained 15years of his documents and some important letters, one day, after hearing from somebody about miraculous St. Anthony at Joharapuram, he prayed and vowed that if he gets back that lost file, he promised to donate Rs,5000/- to St. Anthony. And within 15days miraculously he got back his lost file and immediately he came to the church and given that was promised.

2) A person (youth) who was searching for a job and almost given up his hope but then he heard about St, Anthony at Joharapuram and knelt before the statue of miraculous Anthony and prayed for the job. Within 25 days, he got the job and he donated Rs, 2000/- to the church.

3) a religious nun who is working in the school (clerk), one day after the collection of school fee she was giving account to the authority and she found that Rs, 10000/- was missing and she was tensed and she prayed to St. Anthony. If she gets back that money, she promised that she would donate Rs, 5000/- and offer a mass intensions. Exactly after 30 days, she got back the lost money and did what she promised.

4) A person was seriously ill for a long time and doctors conformed that he would die soon. So, in the hospital somebody told him about St. Anthony at Joharapuram, he came 3 consecutive Tuesdays and prayed and after 3rd week, he got healed. Later he gave witness before the faithful in the church.5) in the month of Oct,2009, there was severe flood in this district, which attacked mostly in Kurnool city. The city was filled with water for 4 days, so many people vacated from this area. But in Joharapuram parish also people were vacated, only St. Anthony shrine and church and catholic houses were not affected by floods. All the people were amazed by this miracle. From then on the faith of the people increased towards St. Anthony and his assistance to those who prayed to him.

5) And those who lost their keys, gold chains, ear rings, and certificates got back in a miraculous way. They all came and gave witness about it.

   Transportation Facility

St. Anthony, Joharapuram parish is 2 kilometers away from Kurnool city. 3 kilometers away from the Bishop’s house. It is 2 kilometers away from Kurnool bus stand. 4 kilometers from the railway station. To reach Joharapuram shrine directly from Kurnool bus stand autos are available or from bus stand buses that goes to Nandhikotkur, and Atmakur can get down at K.C canal stop, from there number of autos are available to the shrine. It is also same way from the railway station.

Name           :  Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj OCD
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Telephone   :  08518-200394
Cellphone   :  9246061778
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