Mariagiri Shrine, Krishnapuram

→Mariagiri Shrine, Krishnapuram

Krishnapuram, a remote village in the district of Anantapur, though it looks ordinary in every sense of the word, has a unique place in the History of the Andhra Catholic Church as well as in the history of the Jesuits in the pre-suppression era. As the Jesuit Missionaries set foot in Andhra in the early 18th Century at Krishnapuram, built a house and big church there, and reaped a great harvest for the Lord by receiving a good number of people of all castes into the Kingdom of God, thus establishing a flourishing church in Andhra, Krishnapuram is called the cradle of the Andhra Church. Thanks to the interring of the mortal remains of Sanjivanadha Swamy, Shourinadha Swamy and Divyanadha Swamy, the land of Krishnapuram became more holy and sacred, not only for the Catholics but for all the others too. Near to Krishnapuram there is a hill on which the statue of Our Lady was erected and it is called Mariagiri Shrine. The devotion to Mother Mary is increasing day by day. Many people daily pay a visit to the Shrine and the tombs.

Shrine Rector. Director    :  
Address                             :   Krishna Puram
                                             Mudigubba Mandalam,
                                             Anantapur dt. A.P India

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