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Safe Drinking Water through the Borewells Programme:
Feb. 10, 2018
Safe drinking water programme organized by the KDSSS with the financial support of the Balavikasa in 10 remote villages of the Kurnool diocese. Due to scarcity and demand 18 KURNOOL VANI - FEBRUARY 2018 of the safe drinking water, the people are straggling and leaving their daily work and going in search of the water from their place to another place. Even children discontinue their studies and going in search water. In some villages the people use to drink the polluted water and fall in to the many diseases. These people approached the Rev. Fr. Bhaskar the Director of KDSSS shared their problems with him which they are facing in their day today lives. Seeing the needs of the these people Fr. Bhaskar approached the Balavikasa who came forward to help these people for the safe drinking water in 10 remote villages in drilling the bore wells. Fr. Bhaskar has mentioned in his talks about the importance of the water in our life. The over utilization of the water has caused and drying up of the water sources in the earth. Water is contaminated and mixed with fluoride chemicals and people are facing the health issuses. Mr. Prasanth Kumar the representative of the Balavikasa, Mr. Danamaiah the coordinator of the KDSSS attended in this programme. The people were very happy and expressed their gratitude towards KDSSS and Balavikasa. 1.Hanuman nagar 2. Thudicherla 3. Jammikotala 4. Regada guduru 5. Krishna nagar 6. Shanthi nilayam 7. Gunthakandala 8. Mottukuru 9. Venkatapuram and 10. Iskala . This are the villages that KDSSS could drill bore wells and fixed the hand pumps. The villagers have thanked Rev. Fr. Bhaskar Director of KDSSS and BALAVIKASA, and are grateful to both the organization.


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