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Bishop Rajappa Scholarship Program:
Feb. 10, 2018
Faith formation for Bishop Joseph Rajappa Scholarships was conducted at St. Anthony's Orphanage at Adoni and Jeeva Sudha Pastoral Center at Kurnool on January 13. Fr. R. Prakash Reddy, Rector, along with Fr. Prasanth Anakala, Parish Priest, and his team made the event enjoyable. Fr. Devadas Suripogula, Sponsorship In-Charge and Fr. Balaraj Eeri, Director of JPC and their volunteers conducted the program at JPC. 248 students from 45 parishes benefitted from Bishop Rajappa Scholarships. Yemmiganurparish topped the program with 17 girls and boys followed by Jupad and Nandyal with 14 students each. For promoting girl's education, we appreciate Yemmiganur, which had 10 girl students followed by Jupad and Nandyal with 9 girls each. P.Yaleru had only girls, 5, and Banaganapalle and Anantapur N, which had also only girls, 4 each. Jupad sent the highest number of boys, 8. Atmakur, C.N. Kotta and Yerraguntla stood second with 7 boys each.Jupad received the highest amount of money, Rs. 61000. Five parishes received Rs.40000 and above with Nandyal 51000, Yemmiganur 48000, Bandi Atmakur 45500, Cathedral 43000 and C.N. Kotta 40000.


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